Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drive-Thru Service

The last two days of the cycle here have been fairly quiet. The first day after the daily checks & morning duties both units, well I guess I should say the medic unit had a few runs w/ two minor MVC's back to back in northeast w/ our neighbors from #14 firehouse. After a wonderful meal of homemade tuna salad provided by the Good Son the medic unit ran a few more runs. While on one of the nine runs we had in the afternoon, companies on the northside were called to the 7-11 on Williamson Rd for a car that had ran through the building. Upon arrival of E5 they found what you will see below. HTR6 was requested for collapse hazard & crews went to work stabilizing the support beams, installing two T-spot shores. After returning to quarters, dinner was a little delayed but nevertheless, delicious & much needed. Believe it or not, both units slept all night; a rare occasion here in Southeast. The last day has been a nice break from training all day on the first day & a busy second half of the day on Friday. As of now only seven for the "box" & only two for the engine. Folks, please take this advice; if you call 911 from your cell phone when passing by what you think could be an emergency, stay put until help arrives!! I think I speak for everyone in this business when I say that it is very frustrating & could potentially cause someone their life if you call 911 reporting an emergency & don't stay to show us where it is. Time after time we have seen it where we are dispatched to a location, sometime a full compliment (engines, ladders, battalions, ems supervisors, medic units), only to find that there is either no emergency found or the wrong location was given by the caller; think about it. Stay safe out there!!!

T-Spots placed by members of the HTR team.

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