Wednesday, April 28, 2010

View From The High Life

Yes folks, we're back!!! I know it's about time since we haven't put anything on here in about 2-3 months but really, how many of you want to hear about how many times we go out for "man-down" calls, or how many times we get called to respond w/ PD & disgregarded?? Don't get me wrong, we do run our fair share of legitiment runs but the majority of them do require more PD intervention rather than a trip to the hospital. We haven't built a table to keep track of like or fellow brethern of the Melrose Misfits , and since dispatch isn't in our first due territory we can't really go down there & hang out. By the way, I know it's a little late, but I would like to thank our dispatchers for all they do. They do a great job & w/o them what would we do. I like to give you the more interesting stuff we do here at #6, not just the everyday same old ordinary runs. Such as today, we had Division 6 HTR (Heavy & Tactical Rescue) training w/ our neighbors from Salem. Along w/ their personnel we were given four different scenarios w/ trapped victims that required movement of the body using different haul systems w/ live rescue personnel tethered to the stokes. This was excellent training that gave us real possible scenarios where anchor points may be limited. Special thanks to the training division for putting this together. Below you will see some of the pictures of todays training excersises. I did have one video that has been giving me a hard time getting it loaded, but I will keep trying to get it on here. Have a great day & stay safe out there.

Making the final adjustments before our dummy takes to the air

Charles Wilkins of Salem FD

The HAUL Team

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