Sunday, May 31, 2009

A-Shift back on the board

Alot has gone on since our last post from us here on A-Shift but in most recent history it seems that War Wagon 6 is back in business. Over the past three cycles for A-Shift E6 has been on three working fires & the Medic unit has been on two of those three. And as best as I can remember, B-Shift has had good working fires over the past couple of cycles, so it seems that the reputation of Firehouse #6 being a good house to catch a fire at is coming back. In other recent events, A-shift had some good quality training for our Swiftwater Rescue Team (SRT) which you can see by the pics & a couple video clips below. And the other clips were of our car seat installment day. We would like to give a big thanks to our own PIO Tiffany Bradbury & her team from Carilion & the Roanoke City Police Office on a fine job. And as always, it's been a busy day & night for us here. Stay tuned for more updates.


Mike Peay getting some use out of the rope gun.

"Hey look, it's a chicken".

Awaiting deployment of the rope gun on river left.

I'm no swiftwater expert but I believe they were establishing a high tension line.


Our very own making sure that he & his wife are ready for there soon to be new arrival.