Friday, August 28, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover-Southeast Edition

On Saturday August 15, 2009, A-Shift revealed it's talent for replacing our very own Lt. McFall's roof on his house. The crew began around 0800 & by the time it was over at 1800, we all realized how great of a job we have now, & also how we all have no desire to be roofers for a career. Beverages and food were provided by the McFall's & a big thanks goes out to all who provided their services. Capt. Todd Stone, FF David Wray, FF Rusty aka "Slim" Zimmerman, FF/PM Derek Surratt, FF Brad Creasy, FF/EMT-I George Harris, & our brother from C-Shift FF Adam Flemming.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A-Shift "Doin' Work"

It's now 1800, & we are finally able to sit down & take a break. Here in the great East, we started the day on a project that was projected to be done at 1500, quitin' time. A wall mounted rack was built & mounted for our collapse shoring. Leading the way on welding the stuctural components of the rack was FF Zimmerman, with the rest of the crew doing their part as well w/ assembly & mounting. This rack is being built in response to a recent call on C-shift where the City was called for mutual aid in Vinton for a car in to a structure. This rack will help to better organize, store, & keep track of inventory of shoring lumber. Monday, a full load of lumber will be delivered here to fully supply our stock for future collapse runs. Unfortunately as we all know though, if you have a project you need done, you will constantly be pulled away on runs. Speaking of runs, we recently returned from car into a house w/ a child in the vehicle. When crews of E6 & M6 arrived, it was discovered that an SUV had rolled down a hill, striking the B/C corner of another house & finally coming to a rest against a large tree which prevented the vehicle from going down another small embankment & into the middle of another house. Fortunately the child escaped w/o injury & no significant structural damage that would compromise the safety of the occupants who lived there was found. A little over 13hrs left folks, stay tuned...