Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Be Rowin'!

Today is the first day back for A-Shift & vacation sign-up day but it has been a typical unpredictable day. As I'm sure most of you know by following the news & local media, a 2 y/o child was reported abducted last week from a local residence. Area & federal officials have worked around the clock to try & locate him & today the Swiftwater Rescue Team took part in those efforts. We joined teams from around the state including many state, local, & federal police agencies, both urban & wilderness search & rescue organizations, & K9 SAR groups. The swiftwater rescue team was privlaged enough to be able to spend time w/ K9 SAR team that specialized in cadaver searches. Thanks alot to handlers Bidwell & Shrewsberry & K9 Petra from Powhatan,VA for not only assisting in the search but educating the team on operating w/ a K9 in the boat. After operations had ceased we returned to clean all the gear & finally go get some grub. If you haven't eaten at Blues BBQ down on the market, you need to visit this establishment. You won't be dissapointed with the food & an overall good atmosphere. Below you will find some shots captured today of the swiftwater operation. Stay safe out there!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Group In the East

Starting tomorrow, each shift will have at least one new person to join their individual crews. Below is a list of the individuals per shift that will be assigned to The Pride Of Southeast.

Capt. Todd Stone
Lt. Kelcey Branch
FF/EMT David Wray
FF/EMT Brad Creasy
FF/EMT-I Adam Troutt
FF/PM Derek Surratt

Capt. Alan Austin
Lt. Jeff Peay
FF/EMT Kevin Taylor
FF/EMT-I Zach Slayton
FF/EMT-I Brad Dinwiddie
FF/EMT James "Red" Williams

Capt. Scott Mutter
Lt. Baron "Smurf" Gibson
FF/EMT-I Davel Muse
FF/EMT-I Josh Compton
FF/EMT Joseph Boswell
FF/EMT Jarod Tryal

"Y'all be safe" (Lt. Todd McFall)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Day of A-Shift As We Know It

Today Thursday January 13, 2010 marks the end as A-shift as we know it. With all of the moves that occured, not too many stations & shifts were passed over. Here at #6 firehouse all three shifts sustained big changes. Effective tomorrow, B-shift will be losing FF Karim Thompson to #4 firehouse on C-shift. In his place, FF Kevin Taylor will be reporting to the greater SE district tomorrow. Effective first day of C-shifts return, FF/EMT-I David Lucas will be reporting to #3 A-shift it's first day back. In his place FF/EMT-I Davel Muse will be back returning from 7C, just can't get away can ya pal haha. And effective A-shifts first day back next cycle, Lt Kelcy Branch from The Big Show (1A) & FF Brad Creasy from The Raleigh Court Xpress (7A) will be joining us. In return, these gains have cost us on A-shift the loss of Lt. Todd McFall to Ladder 1 A-shift, & FF/(future EMT-I) Rusy Zimmerman to 9A until the new #5 firehouse opens in March.

pictured above is when Todd was assigned to Firehouse #3 (the real 3) w/ Lt. Jason Crouch, Lt. Chris Decker, FF/PM Justin Heinz "57", FF/EMT Adam Fleming, & now BC Terry King).

Lt. Ted McFall spent his last day here enjoying time w/ the men that he has come to tolerate haha over the past 5yrs, as the chaueffer on Engine 6. Over the past five yrs Lt. Tim McFall has gained alot of experience as not only the chaueffer but also periods of riding the hot seat on the Engine & the medic unit. Lt. McFall is one of two Lt.'s that still ride one day/cycle as an ALS provider on the medic unit. He has countlessly stepped up to the plate when other medics have been either on vacation or injured & served more than his share of sleepless nights on the SE Medic Unit. Tim brought to the table many years of volunteer experience from his years at the Hollins Fire Station in Roanoke County as well as working for LCM & Roanoke County dispatch before becoming "a paid guy". Many memories have been made over the last five years but nothing will follow him better than the 100 item list of things he WILL NOT eat & the ever so famous sayings such as, "Y'all be safe", "I've got half a minds to write you up!", and "Ain't Nothin' Between Us But Air & Opportunity". Good luck Roger! Today Lt. Tom McFall was treated to his favorite meals. Below you will see breakfast & supper but unfortunately due to calls received at lunch time, the oh so famous meatball sub was not captured. Did I mention that he volunteered at Hollins, worked for LCM & dispatched for Roanoke County? If I didn't, just ask 'em, he'll tell you haha. All jokes aside, Todd you will be missed by the guys & citizens here in Southeast. Take care & good luck in your new assignment.

photo of Ted on a fire on Sweetbriar AV SW (courtesy of

Breakfast of Champions (not pictured, Arbys gravy/biscuit)

And supper, The Loaded Calzone (and yes all you race fans, he is in fact a Jr. fan).

THE LIST!!!!!!!!!

Also pictured below is FF Rusty Zimmerman. Rusty came to the Fire-EMS department in 2005 & has spent time at #11, #7, & #6. Rusty has spent the last nine months preparing for the EMT-I class that is currently going on & will be reporting to 9A the first day back next cycle. Unfortunately Rusty was unable to join us for a last cycle due to him receiving adjusted hours for the cycle for EMT-I class. Below are a few pics of Rusty that we dug up from the archives. Best of luck Rusty in your new assignement, & Misfits, getcha some earplugs haha.

"I'm not yellin', this is just how I talk"!!!!

Rusty pitoing a hydrant during the annual Spring hydrant flow.

"Just a lil more off the top Kincer".

Summer '09 Highland AV SE residential fire.

Rusty w/ son Aiden at the Layman Family Farm

Rusty & the rest of the A-shift crew minus Capt. Stone on a 5th St. attic fire.