Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 for 5, will the streak continue?

Well folks, we reached a milestone on A-Shift last cycle; 5 fires in 5 cycles. The first was in NE at1322 Johnsburry Ct., the second being 1929 Wise AV SE, the third being at Abbots store on the Boulevard, the forth at 532 Highland AV SE, & finally the second fire of last cycle being on Wayland in the NE sector of the city where one patient was transported, no word of his condition. So far it's been a pretty quiet first day of the cycle w/ the Engine running three, & the Medic unit totaling seven thus far. Have a good night brothers & check back to see if we continue our 6-cycle stretch of battling the beast.

Monday, June 8, 2009


First order of business, congrats to David Wray & his wife Mindy on the birth of there daughter. Madelin Grace Wray was born between 10PM & 11PM on June 2, 2009. Both mom & baby are at home doing great & The Good Son hasn't lost that proud papas grin. We also want to congratulate Lt. Brian Wray of #8 A-Shift who is now a proud uncle. On to todays business...
lawn was cut, 28 hydrants flowed, both the Engine & Medic both switched out units, & oh yeah by the way, the working house fire at 532 Highland AV SE. Photos are below, and folks, it's only 5'oclock.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Middle Day for A-Shift

The middle day for the crew of E6 proved to be fairly steady for the medic unit but slow for they guys on the engine. However good use was made of the down time. Early morning duties were done around the house, then we attempted to make our 1991 model war wagon a little more presentable. All of the equipment was taken out of the compartments & the compartments were cleaned, the Capt. & ever so loud firefighter removed the water cooler holder & sanded/repainted that, & also placed a fresh coat of wax over the area that the water cooler covered. Other than that the Engine only ran one EMS run to which it was cancelled on before we arrived, & the medic unit ran a total of six runs. I'm proud to say that both trucks slept all night, & for those of you that have been assigned to Southeast, you know that this occurance is a very rare thing. Until next time, be safe out there!!