Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning on the First Day

Today is the first day back for A-shift & it has proven to be pretty busy so far, well, for the Medic unit that is; five runs before noon & the HTR truck almost getting out of the house on a vehicle into a house in NW earlier. And if you haven't visited the #6 firehouse recently you've missed out on "Operation: Paint our Firehouse". The painter is doing a great job & the change is very welcome. In doing so alot of the furniture had to be moved & it was discovered that certain areas of the floor needed some attention. Last cycle was fairly steady but w/ no real significant runs to report on. Last cycle on Sunday the 16th, companies on the South Side were invited to a community picnic on Highland AV here in SE. Companies included were E6, M6, E11, E8, M8, E1, L1, & M1. There was plenty of food to be eaten & City Councilman Court Rosin also attended the event. Below are some pictures of the event, including a special Texas Ranger badge presentation made by FF Andy Foley to Capt. Todd Stone. Now he has the badge to go w/ the denim jacket haha!! On our last day we had a special guest come eat w/ us for dinner. Ladies this is Roanoke's newest most eligible bachelor, "Roc" Sink. Roc has been a long time friend of many of the firemen & visits on occassion to catch up on firehouse gossip & to see how everyone is doing. Stay tuned, you never know what we will be in next.

City Councilman Court Rosin discussing politics with company officers.

"Chuck Norris doesn't need the badge, the badge needs Chuck Norris".

Roanoke's newest most eligible bachelor "ROC".

Welcome back Creasy, but you missed a spot!!!

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