Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Group In the East

Starting tomorrow, each shift will have at least one new person to join their individual crews. Below is a list of the individuals per shift that will be assigned to The Pride Of Southeast.

Capt. Todd Stone
Lt. Kelcey Branch
FF/EMT David Wray
FF/EMT Brad Creasy
FF/EMT-I Adam Troutt
FF/PM Derek Surratt

Capt. Alan Austin
Lt. Jeff Peay
FF/EMT Kevin Taylor
FF/EMT-I Zach Slayton
FF/EMT-I Brad Dinwiddie
FF/EMT James "Red" Williams

Capt. Scott Mutter
Lt. Baron "Smurf" Gibson
FF/EMT-I Davel Muse
FF/EMT-I Josh Compton
FF/EMT Joseph Boswell
FF/EMT Jarod Tryal

"Y'all be safe" (Lt. Todd McFall)

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